The Signs That Show It’s Time to Replace Your Blinds!

Revamping or perking up the windows in your home brings about a drastic enhancement in any apartment or home. That is why it is recommend that if you want to upgrade any room, changing the windows is the best way to do that. Most people don’t pay any attention to the maintenance of their windows, and if you have blinds, then it creates a horrible look inside the room.

People will replace their blinds for two reasons, it is because they want to improve the interior décor of the home, or it is because the blinds have been completely worn out. It also depends on your taste and the fact that you want to enhance the interior décor of your house. If you have no idea when you should replace your blinds, or if you need to even consider it, we are here to help you.

The blinds you have placed on your windows are going to provide you with warning signs, which you should be looking for to replace them before their time is up. It is best to completely replace blinds, instead of having them fixed, since it costs about the same in both. So, to help you out, here are the signs that show it’s time to replace your blinds:

Failed Tilt Mechanism

This should be the most obvious sign that your blinds need to be replaced, since when they stop operating properly, you are left with no choice. If the blinds in your room don’t close tightly, and they are not offering you with control over the lighting in your home, you should start looking for new ones. How do you know that the tilt mechanism in your blinds has failed?

If the you are noticing loosened slats, larger gaps, and unwanted glare from the blinds, it is a good sign that their tilt mechanism has failed. When this happens, you should invest in new blinds, since getting fixed is going to cost you the same.

Bent/Warped Slats

All blinds are manufactured from layering slats, which can be warped or bent easily. This happens frequently if you have pets or children in the house, since they play with them. High humidity levels can also cause the slats to lose their shape, and this prevents them from properly closing and raising. This can be frustrating to deal with, and instead of having them fix it is better to have the blinds replaced entirely.


The primary function of the blinds in your home is to block sunlight, and since they are constantly exposed to sun rays, they can become damaged after a time. The sun damage on the blinds leads to a fading of the color, and this is a problem faced by all blinds. Discolored blinds will ruin the look of your window, and will stand out like an eye-sore against the interior décor of the home. So, if the blinds in your home start to lose their color and turn yellowish, you should have them replaced with new ones.

Worn Out Cords

The cords of the blind are extremely important, since they are responsible for the functioning of the blinds. However, you should get used to the idea of worn out cords after a certain time-period, since wear and tear will eventually lead to this. If you notice the cords of your blinds have worn out, you should have your blinds replaced with new ones.

You don’t need to struggle and persist with old and worn out blinds, because you can acquire high quality wooden blinds from Wilsons blind.

What’s Your Interior Design Type? The 10 Most Popular Designs Of 2017

Interior designing is an art form. After all, it isn’t just about stuffing furniture pieces into a room. It is about creating a story. A story that everyone, who enters the room grasps without difficulty. The bigger pieces set the base for the story – what will it be about. The smaller but important pieces like shelves create depth. Next up are the add-ons like rugs, vertical blinds and door separators that make sense of the story. All these in perfect harmony create a symphony the dwellers of the house listen to.

The good thing about this story or symphony is that it can have a number of different bases and tunes. We know them as the many types or styles of interior designs. Some have a warm and cosy feeling, while others aim for openness. Each is unique and speaks about the personality of the people whose house it is. Interested in finding out what different stories can you create in your house or what tunes can you have people hum into it?

Let’s find out!

  • Modern

A modernly designed how has a clean outlook with crisp lines and a basic color palette. It most commonly refers to a design that includes metal, steel and glass. Like minimalism, modern aims for simplicity with every piece put together without overcrowding it. Any room with less clutter or accessories can be labeled as sleek or modern.

  • Mid-Century Modern

In the midst of 1950s and 1960s, the industrialization opened doors for more style and color to step into homes, ditching the boring conventional ones. Rusty metals and wood works was introduced and colors like greens and blues claimed dominance over blacks and browns.

  • Minimalist

The minimalist approach in interior designing aims for the less is more. The ideas stem from Japanese traditions to lead a simple life and only have what you need. A minimalist style incorporates smarter use of pieces that are multi-functional. In a minimalist design, empty space is valued. Too harsh or bright colors aren’t a norm as they may cause distraction. The two basics white and blacks are the most prominent colors.

  • Contemporary

All of the above t interior design types look the same. Then how is contemporary any different? Well, it is and let’s see how. Contemporary aims for a look that is trending at the moment. Contemporary designs incorporate decluttered rooms with basic geometrical shapes and forms. Most of the structural pieces are smooth with fine edges whereas the walls are decorated with graphic accents or paintings that disperse colors.

  • Coastal

The coastal design is inspired by the seas. Rooms designed with such an approach in mind are airy, naturally bright and with beach-themed accessories such as seashells, sand art etc. as decorative accents.

  • Industrial

An industrial setting is all about raw structural pieces of stone, bricks, steel or brass. Statement lights that light up the space are particularly important. One can also introduce metal fixtures and soften colors to give the space a more welcoming and informal look.

  • Scandinavian

This design pays reverence to the Nordic countries. Scandinavian designs are very artistic yet uncomplicated. Meaning, it may same like a work of art but one that is easily understood or read-through. Functionality is given importance in a Scandinavian design.

  • Bohemian

Bohemian designs reflect a mixed design style with pieces that have been placed in a room because they are likeable not because they match. It is the carefree lifestyle with not rule sot live by and mostly includes pieces from the vintage era with colorful rugs and items collected form flea markets.

  • Rustic

Rustic deigns promotes rawness ad unfinished pieces. One can find branches of trees as art work with vaulted ceilings, reclaimed wood floors and other stone architectural details. The idea is to bring the outdoors inside.

  • Shabby-chic

A shabby-chic design is quite similar to that of bohemian or vintage style but aims for more softness and femininity. One can expect the furniture to be antique, in pastel or neutral colors with wall hangings that give away a feminine vibe.  

But these are not all, there are many more such as vintage, French country, Georgian, Victorian etc. which can be looked at for inspiration.

Common Mistakes You’re Making with Window Blinds

With a wide variety of blinds available in the market, choosing the right ones for your house can be nothing less than a hassle. The inability to choose the right blinds can often end up in a regretful mistake for you. Selecting and installing blinds across your home is a tricky task, which, when not handled properly can lead to a horrible mismatch. To get the right combination rolling for the blinds across your house, there are some common mistakes you should avoid. Most people end up committing these mistakes and spoil the investment they have put into the blinds. The common mistakes you’re currently making with window blinds and should avoid in the future are:

Choosing the Wrong Size

Walking into a store nearby and selecting readymade blinds sounds like an accessible option, but there are many repercussions of this choice. All of us are not good with scissors in our hands, thus the end result is often a dreadful waste of money, which turns out short for our windows. Just by the way, short blinds are a real eye sore. So, it’s better to leave your windows open without any covering, rather than to have them covered with a short and irritating blind. Handover the task of choosing the size to us, while you can adore the perfection achieved later on.

Not Fit for Purpose

Every blind is different and has a different purpose, much like each and every room in your home. Blinds are made and customized to match the purpose of every room within the home. While experimenting with colour and design can often lead to an innovation of your own, but that is not what we advise. A fragile fabric would not only look odd but also useless in the messy settings of a bathroom. The solution to choosing blinds for the right purpose lies in knowing what you want from the rooms. Once you understand the purpose of each and every room in your home, you can effortlessly conflate the blinds within the overall purpose.

You’re Not Cleaning Them Regularly

Homeowners often neglect the importance of regularly cleaning blinds. Blinds should be cleaned regularly with special emphasis on the fact that dirty blinds spell negligence and carelessness. Moreover, just as well maintained blinds can stand up over the others; dirty blinds also have the ability to stand out in the room. Making your blinds look spick and span is not much of a hassle and can be done within a short period of time, considering the ‘easy to clean’ design that we offer.

You Don’t Have Them in Your Home

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can commit, in regards to window blinds, is to not have them in your home. Window blinds provide exemplary feasibility and design. The design looks attractive and is bound to get a word of praise from those visiting your house. If you just moved into your new home and are thinking of sticking newspapers against the windows then you need to recheck your priorities. Blinds are not just for design and beauty, but they also provide brilliant shade from the changing weather outside.

A thermal layer across the blinds, in the cold spots of your home, can also save you a lot of money, which you would normally spend on the energy bills. Blinds play an active role in keeping intact the beauty of your home. All minor discrepancies should be avoided, to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the brilliant blinds offered by us.

5 Ways to Ensure Your Privacy At Home

There is nothing that can take the fun out of a good night’s dinner at your home, besides people prying in through the windows. Privacy is something that we have compromised with the turn of the century. With threatening stalkers looming around at all times, it is indeed high time that you took privacy within your home a bit more seriously.

Keeping in mind the seriousness of the issue, we have decided to compile a list of things you can do to ensure a fool proof setup within your home.

Lock The Windows

Locking our windows is something we all tend to neglect. The perceived importance of the task is not comparable to others, which is why we don’t put a lot of effort in this regard. The neglect shown here can prove detrimental for both your privacy and safety. To ensure that you are safe from the evil outside, lock the windows across your house. Locking the windows will not really be helpful in major intrusions, but they can help protect your privacy and ensure the safety of children within the house.

Use Blinds On Your Windows

Do you have any peeping Tom within your vicinity? Do you live across a busy street? Do you want to upgrade your privacy while at home? If you nodded your head for any one of the questions above, then you are desperately in need of window blinds. Blinds are perfect for maintaining your privacy within the comfortable realms of your home. Not only do the blinds keep you safe from the prying eyes of those outside, looking to catch a glimpse, but they also come in handy when you want to manage the temperature and lighting within your house. Blinds have multiple benefits, and saving you from the embarrassment of being stared at by pedestrians is just one of them.

Meet Your Neighbours

Your neighbours can either be the biggest threat you have to your privacy, or your safeguard from any intrusions. To solve this conundrum, you need to go meet them. Try assessing your neighbours. If you find them trudging around your house more than often, then you need to be wary of them. The fact that they live just an arm length away is an indication of how important your neighbours are for your safety and privacy. Helpful neighbours can be your go-to option in the case of an emergency or a sudden intrusion.

Light Up The Night

Peeping Toms have a tendency to come walking during the night. To scare them away, you can light up the exterior of your home. For even better protection, you can have motion light sensors installed. The lights outside will light up if there is someone moving around in your territory during the night. The sudden influx of bright lights is going to scare away anyone who is a threat to your privacy at night.

Secure The Doors

The door is your entrance to your house, but if neglect is shown it can be an opportunity for someone to obstruct your privacy. While having see-through glass patches on doors is a brilliant design idea, it can prove threatening for your privacy. You can secure your doors and any see-through patches in them by using door blinds that are easily available nowadays. The use of blinds will help you maintain the brilliant look you have achieved through the design by not compromising on your privacy.

Ensuring the privacy of your family is an extremely important thing to do nowadays. The use of blinds greatly helps, in this regard, by making your home a safe haven for you and your family.

Ways to Get More Light into Your Room!

No one likes rooms that are dark and gloomy, and if you’re struggling to brighten up your room and remodel your home, you need to find ways to get more light into your room. Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways you can go about doing that. With these tips you do not have to wait for bright and sunny days to get any semblance of natural light into your room.

Getting sunlight into your room is important, since not only does it supply the body with vitamin D, but also warms up people and improves their mood. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you get natural light into your dark room. Making it warmer and cozier will also have a positive effect on the interior of the room.

If you’re looking for ways to get more light into your room, here are a few suggestions you can try:

A new coat of paint

One of the main reasons why so many rooms struggle to get enough light is because they are painted in dark tones. You can instantly change the look and feel of a room by applying a fresh coat of paint in a lighter and brighter tone, which will reflect light. You can even get special emulsions in the market, which enhance the colors of the room, when natural light touches it, it will make your room appear more spacious and brighter.

Glossy kitchens

A great way to get natural light into your kitchen is by adding more gloss into the room. You can do this by getting high-gloss, white unit doors, which will help in reflecting and bouncing light around the room. There is a reason why high-gloss kitchens are so popular these days, because they aren’t expensive and are a great way to add natural light into the home.

However, to ensure that you get the right amount of light in, you need to have good artificial lighting, otherwise you will not benefit much from it.

Mirrored furniture

You can choose to get mirrored furniture into the room if you want you to bring more light into the room. It will help reflect light and by hanging mirrors on the walls, or getting mirrored or glossy furniture, you can make the room feel and look bigger. You can also get shiny or glossy tiles for the floor, which will maximize the light coming in and will brighten up the room with all the light bouncing from the floor to the walls and the ceiling.

Change the Windows

You can also ensure brighter rooms by changing your windows and getting larger floor to ceiling windows that will allow natural light to enter the room. It can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the room and will also help your room appear larger as well.

If you’re looking for ways to get more light into your room, get in touch with Wilsons Blinds today!

Tips & Tricks for Saving Energy In 2017

Including tips on how to manage your blinds for an optimal temperature

2017 is halfway through. With heightened attention towards saving energy, 2017 can well be called the year of energy efficiency. People are using methods they have acquired about saving energy, in their homes. The increase in the interest shown towards the trend of saving energy is why we consider it pertinent to make a list of tips and tricks for you to save energy in this revolutionary year of change.

Switch It Off, If It’s Not Being Used

All electrical appliances need to be switched off when they are not in use. Electronic appliances, which remain switched on, even when not in use consume a considerable amount of energy. To save yourself from a hefty bill at the end of the month, switch of all electronic appliances. From your Oven to your TV, everything needs to be switched off or unplugged, after you’re done using them.

Master The Act Of Adjusting Your Blinds

Interestingly enough, your blinds play a very important role in saving energy. Blinds which are adjusted keeping in mind the season and the needs of the day, help in maintaining a moderate temperature within the house. In summers, make sure to hang your blinds down once the early morning birds are done singing their lullabies. The supersonic shield provided by the blinds will not let the sunrays penetrate into your house. By blocking sun rays, blinds will maintain a brilliant room temperature, eradicating the need for all Air-Conditioners to be turned on.

During winters, you can use your blinds effectively to let sufficient amount of sunlight in. The sun is rarely seen during the season, but whenever you see the ball of fire peeking from within the hovering clouds, open your blinds to let the sunlight in. Once the sunlight comes in, it will provide the warmth you were so desperately looking for.

Hang Your Laundry

Tumble drying your laundry might sound like an easy option, but the process will end up increasing your bills. The best way out from this expensive conundrum is to hang your laundry. Hanging your laundry can be even more fruitful it is particularly windy or sunny outside. The sun will weave its magic and dry your clothes without any wastage of energy.

Heat Your Home With Cooking

Winters can be tough if you don’t have proper methods, to keep your home warm, implemented. If you do not have any plans to heat up your home without wasting energy, then you might like the thought of heating your home while cooking. Once you are done cooking, leave the oven door open. The oven will emit heat to keep the surroundings warm. This way around, you can cook your food and manage your room temperature in one go.

Don’t Turn The Heating Up

Turning down your thermostat by just 1°C, can result in savings of up to a 100 pounds, during the course of a year. Thus, keep your heating limited and beat the cold through other methods. One interesting and effective method you can implement is to wear more clothes and socks. Get cosy in more clothes and reduce the temperature of your heater. Moving around the house with more clothes on would mean that you are ready to battle the cold without turning your thermostat to boiling temperatures.

Managing the temperature inside your home, without the use of energy, can be tiring task, but if proper steps are taken you can reach the optimal temperature. Once the optimal temperature is achieved, you can feel proud of your efforts as a responsible citizen of the world.

How to Flawlessly Decorate Your Windows During Bank Holidays?

The weekend with the bank holidays is a prime time to re-do the interiors of your house. Most Britons maximise on this opportunity to do all the window dressing jobs they have been procrastinating for a very long time. Windows are the essence of every home —they let the sunshine in and give you a view of the outside world. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the right measures to decorate your home’s windows flawlessly. Window dressing will enable you to control the amount of light that is filtered in and make the rooms more attractive. So, if you have decided that you will be lucrative in the upcoming bank holidays, here’s is a how to go about it.

  • Begin with the Bedroom

The best option for bedroom window dressing is roller blinds. You can roll the sheets up or down to dictate the flow of light in the room. There are roller blinds available in the market with the blackout option if you are petulant in the mornings and do not like the sunlight to disturb you. Alternatively, you can also opt for thermally-insulated curtains but the if you like minimalist appearance roller blinds are the best option. You can also pair the roller blinds with sheer curtains to get an overall diffused effect.

  • Blinds for the Kitchen

Bank holidays is the perfect time of the year to get rid of the Roman blinds that have been on the kitchen windows. Even though these really do look eye-catching, they trap the cooking smells, steam and may develop mould. Search for water resistant blinds. Polyester roller blinds and faux wooden Venetian blinds are great options as they are both resistant to water and easy to clean. Simply wipe away the accumulated dirt. Faux wooden Venetian blinds also do not warp in the summer heat and their slats can be adjusted to control light according to your needs. aluminium venetian vertical blinds or roller blinds are also great for humid environment of the kitchen.

  • Change the Bathroom Blinds

Firstly, if you have curtains in the bathroom, it is time to replace them with the blinds as they are troublesome when it comes to cleaning. Just like the kitchen window dressings, bathroom blinds should also be carefully chosen in order to prevent mildew and mould. Avoiding picking a material that can trap moisture or steam. Go for polyester fabric blinds rather than linen, silk or cotton curtains. Real wooden blinds are not a great option so go for treated and faux wood options. Roller blinds are available in a variety of colours and designs and can maintain privacy. The adjustable slats of the Venetian blind can give you the control of the direct sunlight.

  • Choose the Right Colour

The key to flawlessly redecorate the windows is to choose the colours of the fabric accurately.  Scientific research has proven that colours affect our psychology. The soothing effects of the blue colour can be optimized on in the bathroom and bedroom blinds. Whilst the living room can be decorated in green or neutral colours. Light colour will create a sense of openness, space, and reflect heat. However, make sure that the colour you choose for the window dressing matches or complements other fabric in the room, such as the upholstered furniture. If you are opting for wooden blinds, then select a tone that matches the trim of the windows.

The practical Venetian and roller blinds, and the colourful fabric blinds will enable you to rejuvenate the look of your house this summer, so make the most of your bank holidays!

Which Colour Blind Is Right for You?

Learning about Colour Psychology

Colour psychology says that different shades of colours tend to affect our mood. This is one of the reasons why people are very careful when choosing colours for their room. Let’s have a look at how different colours affect us in our everyday life.

Picking the Blinds According to their Colour


Red is an extremely intense colour that tends to pump up our adrenaline. People generally opt for this colour in their living rooms because it tends to create a strong first impression. It is said that the colour can raise the blood pressure and the heart rate, which is why it may be a bit too stimulating for the bedroom.


Yellow is a bright colour, which makes it a good choice for bathrooms, kitchen, and even the dining room. However, since the colour is too bright, it is recommended that you don’t choose it as the main colour scheme.


Blue tends to have a soothing effect on people and helps in regulating your blood pressure and heart rate, which is why it is recommended for bedrooms and well as bathrooms.


Green colour is extremely pleasant for our eyes, which makes it a good choice for bedrooms and the living room.


Purple is the colour of royalty and sophistication, so it can be used in the bedroom as well as in the guest room.


Orange is a really energetic colour, so it is not recommended for the bedroom. It was believed in the ancient culture that it can heal lungs while increasing the energy levels, so it might be a good idea to use the colour in the dining room.

Neutral Colours

The best part about neutral colours is that it can be used anywhere to tone things down. Black is an accent colour, so make sure that you use it sparingly.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Colours of the Blinds for Your Room

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when picking coloured blinds:

  • The size of the room you are choosing the blinds for.
  • The colour of the walls and the existing décor.
  • The moos that you are trying to create.
  • If you want to opt for neutral colours or colourful hues.

What You Need from Your Window Treatment

You need to know what exactly you are in search of. Generally, people want the following things:

  • Privacy in the bathroom
  • Shade in the living room
  • Darkness in the bedroom

Once you will know what you want, it will be easy for you to choose the window treatment.

See the Options Available

There are so many options available in the market that you can easily explore the size, material, and the design before picking a blind. Just make sure that you look at the already existing textures in the room, so that there is no clash.

Take Your Personality into Account

You don’t have to blindly follow the latest trends if you are not comfortable with it. Only pick a style if you feel that it makes a good reflection of your personality.   

Look at the Windows

Make sure that you take their shape and size into account before purchasing the blinds.

Wilsons Range of Roller Blinds

Wilsons Blinds have made a name for themselves due to their quality, innovation and high quality, not to mention their extensive range of products, which are a fit for any room, anywhere. Their roller blinds continue the tradition which began in 1989, of providing you with the best in terms of light-limitation, allowing you to add both functionality and style to your room.

Wilsons have a complete range of roller blinds on offer, all of which are made from the highest quality material, and can be made to measure, thereby adding to the convenience. Following are some of the ranges on offer by Wilsons, which you can choose from.

Roxy Range

The Roxy Range comes in some truly natural looking and vibrant colors and shades, 33 of them in all, making the entire range extremely versatile, not to mention very convenient, since there is a color and a shade for everyone. Any of the options from the range can be made to measure, and come with a width of up to 243cm. The sidewinder control mechanism allows for safe and steady operation with minimal chance of breakage. You also get a number of choices for the bottom edge finish.

Acacia Range

The Acacia range provides the best value in terms of cost and yet does not compromise on either quality or number of options. You get a choice of center spring pull control or a chain, for the rolling-up mechanism, both of which have unique benefits of their own. The fabric is made from polyester and is very robust, allowing for a very long life. You can get any of the 7 bottom finish choices, as per your requirements.

The Fabric Box

This range comprises of stunning colors and designs, all meant to enhance the beauty of the décor and provide a funky yet luxurious edge to just about any room. The unique designs on the fabric are meant to reflect a number of moods and tastes, and adjust very well with the rest of the décor. But perhaps the best thing about the range is the price, which, when considering the designer fabric and the robust mechanism which is built to last, is quite a steal.

The number of designs includes flowers and natural designs, dots, shapes and other abstract patterns. Each design comes in a number of colors as well.

Voile and Sheer Range

This range features printed fabrics that come in a variety of voile and sheer finishes. You can get a number of prints and pictures on them, and they are perfect for a room that has earthy décor and tones in the interior design. You can get a roller blind that is made to measure, and can be modified according to your specification, to a width of up to 300cm. What’s best about this range is that if you have textural art or paintings in the room, you will be very well served with this range, since each design serves as a piece of functional art when illuminated by sunlight at the back.

Amazon Range

The Amazon range is made from a luxurious and attractive wood weave fabric style, which looks very appealing visually and can fit inside any room, enhancing its beauty. There are 3 shades which you can choose from, and all three of them; Cotton, Beech and Bark namely, are inspired by nature. Therefore, if are a nature lover, you are sure to love these shades.

You can visit the Wilsons Blinds website for more information regarding the products, or to see all the available colors and shades.

The Many Colours of Window Blinds and How They Affect Our Mood

Research suggests that colours can have a specific effect on your subconscious. Ever noticed how a misaligned furniture piece, an asymmetrical room or contrasting shades in a room can leave you feeling distressed or frustrated?

It happens because out subconscious is designed to see objects as a whole instead of viewing as different pieces. Therefore, we if a balance isn’t restored or symmetry isn’t achieved, it will make us uncomfortable.  

Psychology tells us that colours can have a significant effect on our mood and we can’t disagree. Imagine spending 8 hours in your office with blue or white roller blinds and then coming home to green or lilac roller blinds in your room. Wouldn’t it instantly brighten your mood? It will, says psychology. Whether we agree or not, there is a strong emotional bond between our emotions and the colours around us. Colours have the potential to affect our emotional state.

When it comes to interior designing, what you decide to install on your windows is pivotal. The colours you choose will eventually affect your mood whether you acknowledge it or not. Therefore, to help you pick the right shade for different space in your house, here is a brief guide on what each colour does to your brain.

We have all of these and many more available at Wilsons Blinds to furnish your home with the right theme.

How Different Colours Affect Your Mood?

  • White

The colour white gives one an impression of openness. The reason it is every millennial’s first pick is because white can make smaller spaces appear roomy. This one quality makes it the perfect colour to install in the hallway windows, entrance doors or bathrooms.

  • Red

The various shades of red endorse different expressions. Poppy, fervour or bright reds can increase the pulse and makes one energized while others more subtle shades promote hunger and feeling of liveliness. This makes them perfect to be installed in living rooms and dining rooms of your house.

  • Orange

Orange is earthier in nature than any other colour. It promotes energy and at the same time stimulates one’s appetite.  

  • Yellow

Again, different tones of yellow can have a different impact on an individual. If it is too bright, it can make one intense or infuriated. If it is too soft, it can promote happiness and if it is the perfect balance between the two, it promotes harmony in subtle quantity. It is ideal for kitchens and rooms that don’t receive any natural light.

  • Green

We see too much of green every day in nature. Its presence leaves one feeling calm and helps the mind to relax. Green roller blinds in spaces such as the living rooms and bedrooms leave one comfortable and laid-back.  

  • Blue

Blue is the colour of the ocean. What does an ocean remind us off? Calmness and coolness. Blue roller blind shades have the same. They are ideal for bedrooms, studies, and bathrooms as they keep one’s temper down.

  • Purple

Purple speaks of luxury and class. They have been known to stimulate creativity which is why having roller blades in the shades of purple in your bathrooms and bedrooms can make them a stress-free sanctuary.

  • Pink

The colour pink has long been associated with joy. It translates into happiness and laughter, which is why it is perfect to have in your child’s rooms.

At Wilsons Blinds, we have an impressive range of pink roller blind shades ranging from rosy pinks to velvety pinks, from sorbet pinks to candy pinks, from lilac to Acacia Mulberry etc.  They can also be fitted in bedrooms as they promote restfulness and peace.  

  • Brown

Brown roller blades promote a feeling of privacy and safety whilst uplifting the mood, like coffee! It is ideal for living rooms or open spaces such as the outdoor patio to help one feel refreshed.