Which Colour Blind Is Right for You?

Learning about Colour Psychology

Colour psychology says that different shades of colours tend to affect our mood. This is one of the reasons why people are very careful when choosing colours for their room. Let’s have a look at how different colours affect us in our everyday life.

Picking the Blinds According to their Colour


Red is an extremely intense colour that tends to pump up our adrenaline. People generally opt for this colour in their living rooms because it tends to create a strong first impression. It is said that the colour can raise the blood pressure and the heart rate, which is why it may be a bit too stimulating for the bedroom.


Yellow is a bright colour, which makes it a good choice for bathrooms, kitchen, and even the dining room. However, since the colour is too bright, it is recommended that you don’t choose it as the main colour scheme.


Blue tends to have a soothing effect on people and helps in regulating your blood pressure and heart rate, which is why it is recommended for bedrooms and well as bathrooms.


Green colour is extremely pleasant for our eyes, which makes it a good choice for bedrooms and the living room.


Purple is the colour of royalty and sophistication, so it can be used in the bedroom as well as in the guest room.


Orange is a really energetic colour, so it is not recommended for the bedroom. It was believed in the ancient culture that it can heal lungs while increasing the energy levels, so it might be a good idea to use the colour in the dining room.

Neutral Colours

The best part about neutral colours is that it can be used anywhere to tone things down. Black is an accent colour, so make sure that you use it sparingly.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Colours of the Blinds for Your Room

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when picking coloured blinds:

  • The size of the room you are choosing the blinds for.
  • The colour of the walls and the existing décor.
  • The moos that you are trying to create.
  • If you want to opt for neutral colours or colourful hues.

What You Need from Your Window Treatment

You need to know what exactly you are in search of. Generally, people want the following things:

  • Privacy in the bathroom
  • Shade in the living room
  • Darkness in the bedroom

Once you will know what you want, it will be easy for you to choose the window treatment.

See the Options Available

There are so many options available in the market that you can easily explore the size, material, and the design before picking a blind. Just make sure that you look at the already existing textures in the room, so that there is no clash.

Take Your Personality into Account

You don’t have to blindly follow the latest trends if you are not comfortable with it. Only pick a style if you feel that it makes a good reflection of your personality.   

Look at the Windows

Make sure that you take their shape and size into account before purchasing the blinds.