Common Mistakes You’re Making with Window Blinds

With a wide variety of blinds available in the market, choosing the right ones for your house can be nothing less than a hassle. The inability to choose the right blinds can often end up in a regretful mistake for you. Selecting and installing blinds across your home is a tricky task, which, when not handled properly can lead to a horrible mismatch. To get the right combination rolling for the blinds across your house, there are some common mistakes you should avoid. Most people end up committing these mistakes and spoil the investment they have put into the blinds. The common mistakes you’re currently making with window blinds and should avoid in the future are:

Choosing the Wrong Size

Walking into a store nearby and selecting readymade blinds sounds like an accessible option, but there are many repercussions of this choice. All of us are not good with scissors in our hands, thus the end result is often a dreadful waste of money, which turns out short for our windows. Just by the way, short blinds are a real eye sore. So, it’s better to leave your windows open without any covering, rather than to have them covered with a short and irritating blind. Handover the task of choosing the size to us, while you can adore the perfection achieved later on.

Not Fit for Purpose

Every blind is different and has a different purpose, much like each and every room in your home. Blinds are made and customized to match the purpose of every room within the home. While experimenting with colour and design can often lead to an innovation of your own, but that is not what we advise. A fragile fabric would not only look odd but also useless in the messy settings of a bathroom. The solution to choosing blinds for the right purpose lies in knowing what you want from the rooms. Once you understand the purpose of each and every room in your home, you can effortlessly conflate the blinds within the overall purpose.

You’re Not Cleaning Them Regularly

Homeowners often neglect the importance of regularly cleaning blinds. Blinds should be cleaned regularly with special emphasis on the fact that dirty blinds spell negligence and carelessness. Moreover, just as well maintained blinds can stand up over the others; dirty blinds also have the ability to stand out in the room. Making your blinds look spick and span is not much of a hassle and can be done within a short period of time, considering the ‘easy to clean’ design that we offer.

You Don’t Have Them in Your Home

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can commit, in regards to window blinds, is to not have them in your home. Window blinds provide exemplary feasibility and design. The design looks attractive and is bound to get a word of praise from those visiting your house. If you just moved into your new home and are thinking of sticking newspapers against the windows then you need to recheck your priorities. Blinds are not just for design and beauty, but they also provide brilliant shade from the changing weather outside.

A thermal layer across the blinds, in the cold spots of your home, can also save you a lot of money, which you would normally spend on the energy bills. Blinds play an active role in keeping intact the beauty of your home. All minor discrepancies should be avoided, to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the brilliant blinds offered by us.