The Many Colours of Window Blinds and How They Affect Our Mood

Research suggests that colours can have a specific effect on your subconscious. Ever noticed how a misaligned furniture piece, an asymmetrical room or contrasting shades in a room can leave you feeling distressed or frustrated?

It happens because out subconscious is designed to see objects as a whole instead of viewing as different pieces. Therefore, we if a balance isn’t restored or symmetry isn’t achieved, it will make us uncomfortable.  

Psychology tells us that colours can have a significant effect on our mood and we can’t disagree. Imagine spending 8 hours in your office with blue or white roller blinds and then coming home to green or lilac roller blinds in your room. Wouldn’t it instantly brighten your mood? It will, says psychology. Whether we agree or not, there is a strong emotional bond between our emotions and the colours around us. Colours have the potential to affect our emotional state.

When it comes to interior designing, what you decide to install on your windows is pivotal. The colours you choose will eventually affect your mood whether you acknowledge it or not. Therefore, to help you pick the right shade for different space in your house, here is a brief guide on what each colour does to your brain.

We have all of these and many more available at Wilsons Blinds to furnish your home with the right theme.

How Different Colours Affect Your Mood?

  • White

The colour white gives one an impression of openness. The reason it is every millennial’s first pick is because white can make smaller spaces appear roomy. This one quality makes it the perfect colour to install in the hallway windows, entrance doors or bathrooms.

  • Red

The various shades of red endorse different expressions. Poppy, fervour or bright reds can increase the pulse and makes one energized while others more subtle shades promote hunger and feeling of liveliness. This makes them perfect to be installed in living rooms and dining rooms of your house.

  • Orange

Orange is earthier in nature than any other colour. It promotes energy and at the same time stimulates one’s appetite.  

  • Yellow

Again, different tones of yellow can have a different impact on an individual. If it is too bright, it can make one intense or infuriated. If it is too soft, it can promote happiness and if it is the perfect balance between the two, it promotes harmony in subtle quantity. It is ideal for kitchens and rooms that don’t receive any natural light.

  • Green

We see too much of green every day in nature. Its presence leaves one feeling calm and helps the mind to relax. Green roller blinds in spaces such as the living rooms and bedrooms leave one comfortable and laid-back.  

  • Blue

Blue is the colour of the ocean. What does an ocean remind us off? Calmness and coolness. Blue roller blind shades have the same. They are ideal for bedrooms, studies, and bathrooms as they keep one’s temper down.

  • Purple

Purple speaks of luxury and class. They have been known to stimulate creativity which is why having roller blades in the shades of purple in your bathrooms and bedrooms can make them a stress-free sanctuary.

  • Pink

The colour pink has long been associated with joy. It translates into happiness and laughter, which is why it is perfect to have in your child’s rooms.

At Wilsons Blinds, we have an impressive range of pink roller blind shades ranging from rosy pinks to velvety pinks, from sorbet pinks to candy pinks, from lilac to Acacia Mulberry etc.  They can also be fitted in bedrooms as they promote restfulness and peace.  

  • Brown

Brown roller blades promote a feeling of privacy and safety whilst uplifting the mood, like coffee! It is ideal for living rooms or open spaces such as the outdoor patio to help one feel refreshed.