The Signs That Show It’s Time to Replace Your Blinds!

Revamping or perking up the windows in your home brings about a drastic enhancement in any apartment or home. That is why it is recommend that if you want to upgrade any room, changing the windows is the best way to do that. Most people don’t pay any attention to the maintenance of their windows, and if you have blinds, then it creates a horrible look inside the room.

People will replace their blinds for two reasons, it is because they want to improve the interior décor of the home, or it is because the blinds have been completely worn out. It also depends on your taste and the fact that you want to enhance the interior décor of your house. If you have no idea when you should replace your blinds, or if you need to even consider it, we are here to help you.

The blinds you have placed on your windows are going to provide you with warning signs, which you should be looking for to replace them before their time is up. It is best to completely replace blinds, instead of having them fixed, since it costs about the same in both. So, to help you out, here are the signs that show it’s time to replace your blinds:

Failed Tilt Mechanism

This should be the most obvious sign that your blinds need to be replaced, since when they stop operating properly, you are left with no choice. If the blinds in your room don’t close tightly, and they are not offering you with control over the lighting in your home, you should start looking for new ones. How do you know that the tilt mechanism in your blinds has failed?

If the you are noticing loosened slats, larger gaps, and unwanted glare from the blinds, it is a good sign that their tilt mechanism has failed. When this happens, you should invest in new blinds, since getting fixed is going to cost you the same.

Bent/Warped Slats

All blinds are manufactured from layering slats, which can be warped or bent easily. This happens frequently if you have pets or children in the house, since they play with them. High humidity levels can also cause the slats to lose their shape, and this prevents them from properly closing and raising. This can be frustrating to deal with, and instead of having them fix it is better to have the blinds replaced entirely.


The primary function of the blinds in your home is to block sunlight, and since they are constantly exposed to sun rays, they can become damaged after a time. The sun damage on the blinds leads to a fading of the color, and this is a problem faced by all blinds. Discolored blinds will ruin the look of your window, and will stand out like an eye-sore against the interior décor of the home. So, if the blinds in your home start to lose their color and turn yellowish, you should have them replaced with new ones.

Worn Out Cords

The cords of the blind are extremely important, since they are responsible for the functioning of the blinds. However, you should get used to the idea of worn out cords after a certain time-period, since wear and tear will eventually lead to this. If you notice the cords of your blinds have worn out, you should have your blinds replaced with new ones.

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