Tips & Tricks for Saving Energy In 2017

Including tips on how to manage your blinds for an optimal temperature

2017 is halfway through. With heightened attention towards saving energy, 2017 can well be called the year of energy efficiency. People are using methods they have acquired about saving energy, in their homes. The increase in the interest shown towards the trend of saving energy is why we consider it pertinent to make a list of tips and tricks for you to save energy in this revolutionary year of change.

Switch It Off, If It’s Not Being Used

All electrical appliances need to be switched off when they are not in use. Electronic appliances, which remain switched on, even when not in use consume a considerable amount of energy. To save yourself from a hefty bill at the end of the month, switch of all electronic appliances. From your Oven to your TV, everything needs to be switched off or unplugged, after you’re done using them.

Master The Act Of Adjusting Your Blinds

Interestingly enough, your blinds play a very important role in saving energy. Blinds which are adjusted keeping in mind the season and the needs of the day, help in maintaining a moderate temperature within the house. In summers, make sure to hang your blinds down once the early morning birds are done singing their lullabies. The supersonic shield provided by the blinds will not let the sunrays penetrate into your house. By blocking sun rays, blinds will maintain a brilliant room temperature, eradicating the need for all Air-Conditioners to be turned on.

During winters, you can use your blinds effectively to let sufficient amount of sunlight in. The sun is rarely seen during the season, but whenever you see the ball of fire peeking from within the hovering clouds, open your blinds to let the sunlight in. Once the sunlight comes in, it will provide the warmth you were so desperately looking for.

Hang Your Laundry

Tumble drying your laundry might sound like an easy option, but the process will end up increasing your bills. The best way out from this expensive conundrum is to hang your laundry. Hanging your laundry can be even more fruitful it is particularly windy or sunny outside. The sun will weave its magic and dry your clothes without any wastage of energy.

Heat Your Home With Cooking

Winters can be tough if you don’t have proper methods, to keep your home warm, implemented. If you do not have any plans to heat up your home without wasting energy, then you might like the thought of heating your home while cooking. Once you are done cooking, leave the oven door open. The oven will emit heat to keep the surroundings warm. This way around, you can cook your food and manage your room temperature in one go.

Don’t Turn The Heating Up

Turning down your thermostat by just 1°C, can result in savings of up to a 100 pounds, during the course of a year. Thus, keep your heating limited and beat the cold through other methods. One interesting and effective method you can implement is to wear more clothes and socks. Get cosy in more clothes and reduce the temperature of your heater. Moving around the house with more clothes on would mean that you are ready to battle the cold without turning your thermostat to boiling temperatures.

Managing the temperature inside your home, without the use of energy, can be tiring task, but if proper steps are taken you can reach the optimal temperature. Once the optimal temperature is achieved, you can feel proud of your efforts as a responsible citizen of the world.