What’s Your Interior Design Type? The 10 Most Popular Designs Of 2017

Interior designing is an art form. After all, it isn’t just about stuffing furniture pieces into a room. It is about creating a story. A story that everyone, who enters the room grasps without difficulty. The bigger pieces set the base for the story – what will it be about. The smaller but important pieces like shelves create depth. Next up are the add-ons like rugs, vertical blinds and door separators that make sense of the story. All these in perfect harmony create a symphony the dwellers of the house listen to.

The good thing about this story or symphony is that it can have a number of different bases and tunes. We know them as the many types or styles of interior designs. Some have a warm and cosy feeling, while others aim for openness. Each is unique and speaks about the personality of the people whose house it is. Interested in finding out what different stories can you create in your house or what tunes can you have people hum into it?

Let’s find out!

  • Modern

A modernly designed how has a clean outlook with crisp lines and a basic color palette. It most commonly refers to a design that includes metal, steel and glass. Like minimalism, modern aims for simplicity with every piece put together without overcrowding it. Any room with less clutter or accessories can be labeled as sleek or modern.

  • Mid-Century Modern

In the midst of 1950s and 1960s, the industrialization opened doors for more style and color to step into homes, ditching the boring conventional ones. Rusty metals and wood works was introduced and colors like greens and blues claimed dominance over blacks and browns.

  • Minimalist

The minimalist approach in interior designing aims for the less is more. The ideas stem from Japanese traditions to lead a simple life and only have what you need. A minimalist style incorporates smarter use of pieces that are multi-functional. In a minimalist design, empty space is valued. Too harsh or bright colors aren’t a norm as they may cause distraction. The two basics white and blacks are the most prominent colors.

  • Contemporary

All of the above t interior design types look the same. Then how is contemporary any different? Well, it is and let’s see how. Contemporary aims for a look that is trending at the moment. Contemporary designs incorporate decluttered rooms with basic geometrical shapes and forms. Most of the structural pieces are smooth with fine edges whereas the walls are decorated with graphic accents or paintings that disperse colors.

  • Coastal

The coastal design is inspired by the seas. Rooms designed with such an approach in mind are airy, naturally bright and with beach-themed accessories such as seashells, sand art etc. as decorative accents.

  • Industrial

An industrial setting is all about raw structural pieces of stone, bricks, steel or brass. Statement lights that light up the space are particularly important. One can also introduce metal fixtures and soften colors to give the space a more welcoming and informal look.

  • Scandinavian

This design pays reverence to the Nordic countries. Scandinavian designs are very artistic yet uncomplicated. Meaning, it may same like a work of art but one that is easily understood or read-through. Functionality is given importance in a Scandinavian design.

  • Bohemian

Bohemian designs reflect a mixed design style with pieces that have been placed in a room because they are likeable not because they match. It is the carefree lifestyle with not rule sot live by and mostly includes pieces from the vintage era with colorful rugs and items collected form flea markets.

  • Rustic

Rustic deigns promotes rawness ad unfinished pieces. One can find branches of trees as art work with vaulted ceilings, reclaimed wood floors and other stone architectural details. The idea is to bring the outdoors inside.

  • Shabby-chic

A shabby-chic design is quite similar to that of bohemian or vintage style but aims for more softness and femininity. One can expect the furniture to be antique, in pastel or neutral colors with wall hangings that give away a feminine vibe.  

But these are not all, there are many more such as vintage, French country, Georgian, Victorian etc. which can be looked at for inspiration.