Wilsons Range of Roller Blinds

Wilsons Blinds have made a name for themselves due to their quality, innovation and high quality, not to mention their extensive range of products, which are a fit for any room, anywhere. Their roller blinds continue the tradition which began in 1989, of providing you with the best in terms of light-limitation, allowing you to add both functionality and style to your room.

Wilsons have a complete range of roller blinds on offer, all of which are made from the highest quality material, and can be made to measure, thereby adding to the convenience. Following are some of the ranges on offer by Wilsons, which you can choose from.

Roxy Range

The Roxy Range comes in some truly natural looking and vibrant colors and shades, 33 of them in all, making the entire range extremely versatile, not to mention very convenient, since there is a color and a shade for everyone. Any of the options from the range can be made to measure, and come with a width of up to 243cm. The sidewinder control mechanism allows for safe and steady operation with minimal chance of breakage. You also get a number of choices for the bottom edge finish.

Acacia Range

The Acacia range provides the best value in terms of cost and yet does not compromise on either quality or number of options. You get a choice of center spring pull control or a chain, for the rolling-up mechanism, both of which have unique benefits of their own. The fabric is made from polyester and is very robust, allowing for a very long life. You can get any of the 7 bottom finish choices, as per your requirements.

The Fabric Box

This range comprises of stunning colors and designs, all meant to enhance the beauty of the décor and provide a funky yet luxurious edge to just about any room. The unique designs on the fabric are meant to reflect a number of moods and tastes, and adjust very well with the rest of the décor. But perhaps the best thing about the range is the price, which, when considering the designer fabric and the robust mechanism which is built to last, is quite a steal.

The number of designs includes flowers and natural designs, dots, shapes and other abstract patterns. Each design comes in a number of colors as well.

Voile and Sheer Range

This range features printed fabrics that come in a variety of voile and sheer finishes. You can get a number of prints and pictures on them, and they are perfect for a room that has earthy décor and tones in the interior design. You can get a roller blind that is made to measure, and can be modified according to your specification, to a width of up to 300cm. What’s best about this range is that if you have textural art or paintings in the room, you will be very well served with this range, since each design serves as a piece of functional art when illuminated by sunlight at the back.

Amazon Range

The Amazon range is made from a luxurious and attractive wood weave fabric style, which looks very appealing visually and can fit inside any room, enhancing its beauty. There are 3 shades which you can choose from, and all three of them; Cotton, Beech and Bark namely, are inspired by nature. Therefore, if are a nature lover, you are sure to love these shades.

You can visit the Wilsons Blinds website for more information regarding the products, or to see all the available colors and shades.